When wandering slowly
From the gravel below me
I heard some mumbling

So I raised my left eye
And spotted these small guys
They were calling for me
They said,

“There’s nothing left to do now
You took your final bow
Now give the ground a smack and just fly on back!

There’s nothing left to say here
You’ve only learned from tears
It’s been a wild ride aren’t you bleary eyed?”

Then the little one said to a butterfly
Don’t you think it’s time she took to the sky
It’s murky here and there’s too much yacking
Instead of love they just keep snacking

Up there it’s quite refreshing you’ll find
You never get strangled by the big guy’s tie
You’re light as air and you’re looking dapper
So flip your flappers to ever after


Well this time
I may have lost my mind
But they offered sound advice
Albeit they’re three inches high

My boys turned to dust and I let out a sigh
Talk about a straight jab right at my lie
You never much cared for a good life for me
So won’t you please mind setting me free?

There’s nothing left to say here
We’ve only learned from tears
With all this sting in my eye
I’ll find that same little guy
To tell my story

There’s nothing left to do now
You took your final bow
And in my closing commands
You cut the string from my hands

(Final word is “paradise”)

Chrissy GardnerComment