The Chrissy Gardner Band

Chrissy plays her original songs with her band in an intersection of a belly-laughing cabaret, a mind-blowing rock concert and an old-school coffee house gig.

Robert Messore

Acoustic soul covers with CT guitar legend that will leave you basking in nostalgia.

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David Keith

Chrissy and fabulous percussionist, David Keith, perform motown, classic rock and contemporary hits.



Chrissy has performed hundreds of piano bar gigs since her days in Chicago. She brings her soaring vocals along with her classical training, blues chops and contemporary stylings at the piano to a wide range of covers from classic rock to ballads at your request.

Second Studio Album, Waxwing

In 2013, after meeting producers Jerome Fox and Will Schillinger, Chrissy ran a wildly successful crowd-funding campaign through IndieGoGo raising $48,246 and another $5500 through Fractured Atlas to fund her second studio album, "Waxwing."   The album was recorded largely in the beautiful Pilot Recording Studios in Housatonic, MA and features world renowned musicians Tony Levin, Joe Vitale, Pete Huttlinger, Abigail Zsiga, Robert Messore and Peter Stroud.  Visit Chrissy's media page for a video log of the recording process created by Lisa Daly.

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"It has been a very long time, maybe a few decades, since I've just wanted to dim the lights, lay between the speakers and listen, and listen again. ...honest, loving, independent, strong..." - Dave Meyer

Production Work, Underscoring, Arranging and Licensing

Chrissy has written, arranged, produced and engineered music for industrials including Hertz and Lowes, promo videos for various organizations, podcasts and the film “Visual Literacy” produced with the Yale Center for British Art and the award winning film, “Love For Passion”.  She produced, arranged and recorded 180 childrens songs with vocalist, Clara D'Onofrio of Ms. Clara's Mini Musicians in Chicago, IL.

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A Broken Umbrella Theater

In 2009, with friends from her theater studies at Muhlenberg College, she was a founding member of A Broken Umbrella Theater (, now an award winning theater troupe that produces original work based on New Haven history.  Chrissy composed four musicals and a dance piece for A Broken Umbrella: Short Story By A Tree, iMarvel, Head Over Wheels, The Library Project and Freewheelers which debuted at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven.  Freewheelers presented Chrissy with the opportunity to write music for her dear friend and brilliant singer Abigail Zsiga who has often joined Chrissy stage. Here is a sample of music from that show featuring Abigail:

Chrissy has stepped back from A Broken Umbrella to focus on other music projects, but it is an incredible joy to watch her daughter, Lucy, take great interest in being a part of the company.  Lucy has performed in two shows for ABUT and stole the show in "Made In New Haven", wowing audiences on the silks (featured right).

Beginnings in Chicago, IL

Chrissy began her music career in Chicago, IL ... where she accidentally knocked over a microphone during her first open mic .... and dropped and cracked her guitar during her second :)  That was in 2003.  That same year she joined her first band, Dental School Swim Team (DSST) with civil rights attorney and punk guitarist, Jeff Naffziger, and dental student and drummer, Dani Messer (Barstad).  DSST played 6 total gigs in 6 awesome pubs and recorded 6 never released songs (until now ... coming this Fall) on an album they recorded for $75 in a basement entitled "What If Spit Were Red" with producer, Keith Richter.   After her fellow bandmates got some real jobs (smirk), Chrissy began working in her first piano lounge, Davenport's Piano Bar and Cabaret and hosted/sang/played a crazy and popular night, Whiskey Wednesdays.   In 2008, Chrissy recorded her first original studio album, Alabaster Room, with producer, Michael Kraniak which featured blues pianist Professor John (who often joined Chrissy onstage).




Chrissy has appeared as a guest on "Profiles in Folk" with Steve Winters (airing on NPR affiliate WSHU) and "Where We Live" with John Dankosky (WNPR).   She is a regular visitor on WAPJ's morning show with Barrie Soucy in Torrington.  


In her home studio in New Haven, Chrissy also teaches private piano lessons to awesome young musicians. She lives in the same wonderful neighborhood with some of her best friends from childhood, college and beyond.  She shares a home with her amazing daughter, Luciana -- the kindest person she has ever known, and their two cats, Nigel and Peter (who are amazing in their own way :)

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With love, Chrissy